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MARI held meeting-and-greeting with undergraduates invited to academic activities

MARI’s meeting-and-greeting with undergraduates that are invited to join its academic activities took place on the morning of 16 March 2019. This activity was attended by more than 30 invited undergraduates in Years 2016 and 2017, Pei Shen, the Depute Dean of College of Economics and Management, and MARI's teachers and students.

Professor Hang Xiong introduced that MARI will organize a series of training to help students participate in interdisciplinary research activities and create an great atmosphere for interdisciplinary exchanges. Ms. Pei Shen highly appreciated MARI' s efforts to improve undergraduates' academic abilities. She stated that the College will continuously support MARI’s training activities. Afterward, the invited students expressed their willingness to persist in participating in MARI’s academic activities and chose the training programs they would like to participate in this semester.

MARI had announced to invite undergraduates from College of Economics and Management, College of Plant Science and Technology, College of Resources and Environment and College of Information to participate in its academic activities at the end of last semester. Among over 50 applicants, MARI invited 28 students.

MARI will organize R programming language training, literature search and analysis methods training, academic English writing classes and other academic training activities this semester. In addition, MARI will also hold interdisciplinary forums regularly and carry out household surveys in summer and winter holidays.

written by Ziwei Li | viewed by Hang Xiong