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MARI held Walk-in Hours

MARI held Walk-in Hours Open Exchange Activity from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on March 27th,2019 This activity was attended by students interested in Internationalization and interdisciplinary research, Manqun Wang, the Depute Dean of College of Plant Science and Technology, Gucheng Li, the Depute Dean of College of Economics and Management, and MARI’s teachers and students.

Professor Liangzhi You, who is working in Washington, D.C. at present, took part in the activity via video. Mr. You welcomed the students came here. He introduced MARI’s advantages in three aspects: internationalization, interdisciplinary and research direction, and invited students to join MARI for further studies.

Professor Hang Xiong introduced the issues and scientific questions that MARI aims to address, starting from the background of the fourth agricultural revolution (smart Agriculture) and the complexity of agricultural System. He stated that MARI has formed a distinctive research focus and is forming a corresponding research team after a semester’s exploration. This provides a broad platform for graduate students’ research.

Professor Manqun Wang shared his experience of engaging in interdisciplinary research. He believed that interdisciplinary collaboration is an important driver of academic innovatons. MARI provides a precious platform for interdisciplinary research in the university. He encouraged students to realize their value on this platform.

Professor Gucheng Li highly appreciated MARI’s efforts in improving postgraduate’s academic innovations. He stated that the College will continuously support MARI’s innovative practicess. He pointed out that MARI is a platform oriented to the needs of world, future and modernization. He encouraged students to join this platform after having a clear understanding of MARI and what they want. Professor Gucheng Li posted this activity on his We Chat moment immediately after the event. He described that MARI brings about Catfish effect that stimulates innovative practices.

MARI’s students, Xiaoyan Tan and Hualin Huang shared their experience after joining MARI. Xiaoyan Tan said that students can not only learn abundant knowledge and improve the ability, but also cultivate independent personality and exert individual value in MARI. Hualin Huang introduced that he gained a lot from MARI’s advantages of free learning environment and interdisciplinary research. He has obtained the abilities of using Python to do visualization on maps, English academic writing, social network analysis, literature management and analysis and time management.

The final part was free communication. While enjoying the Western-style tea break, students learned about MARI's studies and work from the members of MARI.

Written by Ziwei Li | Review by
Hang Xiong