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MARI organized the first training course on literature search and analysis

MARI, joint by the Academic Micro-topic group of College of Economics and Management, organized the first training course on literature search and analysis from 16:00 to 17:30 on April 24th, 2019. The course focused on “how to read academic papers”. Professor Hang Xiong and Professor Shi Min of College of Economics and Management shared their experience of reading papers. The course was attended by more than 30 postgraduates of College of Economics and Management and undergraduates MARI has invited.

Professor Shi Min introduced the process of literature retrieval and reading completely. He explained the definition of academic literature and the purpose of reading academic literature, and introduced some methods of literature retrieval. Then he proposed important steps in literature reading management, and pointed out some possible problems in current literature reading and proposed feasible solutions. Professor Hang Xiong gave a detailed introduction to critical and participatory reading of academic papers. He explained how to improve the understanding of the literature by substituting the author's identity when reading, and pointed out that the core arguments and main thread of papers were the key of analysis. Finally, he introduced the method of reading a paper three times.

In the Q&A session, students asked their questions in the real research process in combination with their own research interests. The lecturers accordingly carried out deep explanation and discussion. Students expressed that this course benefit their literature reading ability a lot. This course is the first part of MARI’s literature training. MARI will continually carry out literature search, literature management and literature analysis training.

Written by Ziwei Li | Review by Hang Xiong