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Meng Ran Dr. 孟冉教授
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Office:Xifulou 311

Research Interest:Smart Agriculture; Forest Health; Remote Sensing and Data-Model Fusion


Education background

2015 Ph.D. in Geography University of Utah, USA
2010 M.S. in GIS IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2007 B.S. in GIS Shandong Agricultural University, China

Professional appointment

2018.08 — Present Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University

2015.06 — 2018.07 Postdoc Research Associate, Brookhaven National Laboratory

2010.08 — 2015.05 Research Assistant, University of Utah

2007.09 — 2010.07 Research Assistant, IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Publications(*Corresponding,$equal contribution; Please check the latest updates on Research Gate:

Peer reviewed papers After 2018

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Peer reviewed papers before 2018

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Conference proceedings

[O1].Zhao, F., Meng, R., Gu, H. and Serbin, S., 2019, July. Assessing Post-Fire Tree Mortality and Biomass Change by Integrating Lidar and Hyperspectral data. In IGARSS 2019-2019 IEEE

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Book chapter

[B1]. Meng, R., Zhao, R. F., Remote sensing characterization of burn effects - burned area and burn severity, Invited book chapter for Remote sensing of hydro-meteorological hazards, CRS/Taylor & Francis 261-281(2017).