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Ling Lin Dr. 凌霖博士
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Office: Third Comprehensive Building (TCB) A713

Phone: +86 27 87285011




Since 2019 Postdoc Research Fellow at Macro Research Institute (MARI), Huazhong Agricultural University

2018- 2019 Research Assistant at Macro Agriculture Research Institute (MARI)Huazhong Agricultural University

2010-2012 English Teacher at New Oriental School, Guangzhou, China


2014-2018 Crop Cultivation and Farming System, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

2007-2010 M.S. in Molecular Ecology, South China Agricultural University, China

2003-2007 B.S. in Environmental Science, Shanxi Agricultural University, China

Journal Articles

Ling, L., Li, X., Wang, K., Cai, M., Jiang, Y. & Cao, C.. Carbon and nitrogen partitioning of transgenic rice T2A-1 (Cry2A*) with different nitrogen treatments. Scientific Reports,  9, 5351 (2019). doi

Ling, L., Jiang, Y., Meng, J., Cai, M., Cao, C. 2018. Phloem transport capacity of transgenic rice T1c-19 (Cry1C*) under several potassium fertilizer levels. PloS one, 13(3), e0195058. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0195058

Jiang, Y., Ling, L., Zhang, L., Wang K., Li X., Cai M., Zhan M., Li C., Wang J., Cao C., 2018. Comparison of transgenic Bt rice and their non-Bt counterpart in yield and physiological response to drought stress, Field Crops Research, 217, 45-52. doi:

Jiang, Y., Ling, L., Zhang, L., Domingo, A., Cai, M., Li, C., Zhan, M., Wang, J., Cao, C., 2017. Different response of an elite Bt restorer line of hybrid rice (Oryza sativa L.) in adaptation to nitrogen deficiency. Acta Physiol Plant 39, 89

Jiang, Y., Ling, L., Zhang, L., Wang, K., Cai, M., Zhan, M., Li, C., Wang, J., Chen, X., Lin, Y., Cao, C., 2016. Transgenic Bt (Cry1Ab/Ac) rice lines with different genetic backgrounds exhibit superior field performance under pesticide-free environment. Field Crops Research 193, 117-122.

Feng, Y.1, Ling, L.1, Fang, H., Wang, J. 2011. Effects of temperature, water content and pH on degradation of Cry1Ab protein released from Bt corn straw in soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43, 1600-1606

Conference Presentations

11/2017 Annual meeting of Hubei Ecological Society

10/2014 Annual academic meeting of Chinese Crop Society

09/2011 The 6th World Congress of Allelopathy

11/2009 The First International Conference of Asian Allelopathy Society

05/2009 The 7th International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH

Research Grants

Participation. Breeding of new varieties of insect-resistant rice transfected with Bt gene (NO.2011ZX08001-001), 2011.01~2014.12

Participation. Study on the characteristics of nitrogen utilization and metabolism of BT rice based on bio-burden theory (NO.31371570), 2014.01~2017.12

Participation. Breeding of new varieties of insect-resistant transgenic rice(NO.2014ZX08001-001), 2015.01~2020.12

Participation. Study on the difference of leaf rate in response to temperature and occurrence characteristics of stem in indica and japonica rice(2662017JC007), 2017.01~2018.12

Participation. The physiological mechanism of leaf heat spacing changes with leaf position and its effect on leaf area formation(3170100487), 2018.01~2021.12