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Guo Xiangyang 郭向阳
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Office: TCB A718

Phone: +86 15966870971



Since 2019.09  Research Assistant at Macro Agriculture Research Institute (MARI),  Huazhong Agricultural University

2020.08-2021.09  Beijing EASTMAGE Architectural Design Ltd, Agricultural planning Designer


2017.09-2020.07  Hainan University, Horticulture, Master of Agriculture

2013.09-2017.06  Qingdao Agricultural University, Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Engineering

Journal Articles

Xianyang Guo, Jie Gao, Xiqiang Song, Peng Ling, Yang Zhou, Daicheng Hao, Weishi Li, Qiong Ding. A Preliminary Study on Identity and Pathogenicity of Common Fungi Associated with Diseased Leaves of Oncidium sp. in Hainan Island[J]. Acta Horticulturae Sinica, 2020, 47(07): 1369-1382.

Xianyang Guo. Diversity and Pathogenicity of Common Fungi and Bacteria Associated with Diseased Leaf of Nursury Grown Oncidium sp. in Hainan Island[D]. Hainan University, 2020.

Yuling Wang, Xiqiang Song, Xianyang Guo, Hongxing Wang, Lijin Guo. 文心兰炭疽病生防潜力菌的鉴定及其抑菌性的测定[J]. JOURNAL OF TROPICAL BIOLOGY, 2021, 12(02): 236-243.