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Zhang Jian Dr. 张建副教授
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Phone: +86 27 87285011

Office: Third Comprehensive Building (TCB) A703




Since 2014 Associate Professor at Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

2014-2016 Visiting Scholar associate in Aerial Application Technology Research Unit (AATRU) of USDA, College Station, USA

2009-2013 Assistant Professor at Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

2003-2004 Lecturer at HeFei University of Technology, Hefei, China


1999-2003 B.Sc. in Geographic Information Science, School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering of Wuhan University, China

2004-2009 Ph.D. in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS) of Wuhan University, China


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Research Grants

1.“Physiological basis and regulation of high quality and high yield of cash crop in field”, Project supported by “National Key R&D Program of China”, (Grant No. 2018YFD1000900), PI (subtask), 2018-2022.

2. “Research and implementation of key information acquisition method for whole-process mechanization of rapeseed production by low-altitude remote sensing technology”, Project supported by “The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities”, (Grant No. 2662017JC038), PI, 2017-2019.

3. “Assessing crop growth and pest conditions using airborne imaging systems and ground-based sensors for precision agriculture and aerial application”, Project supported by “China Scholarship Council”, (Grant No. 201308420447), PI, 2014-2015.

4. “Research on the nondestructive acquisition method of crop physical and chemical information based on the hyper-spectral imaging technology”, Project supported by “The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities”, (Grant No. 2014JC008), PI, 2014-2015.

5. “Research on Sub-Pixel Mapping with Fractal Dimension Constrains”, Project supported by “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, (Grant No. 41201364), PI, 2013-2015.

6. “Research on the acquisition methods of the crop growth information with noncontact”, Project supported by “The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities”, (Grant No. 2011QC040), PI, 2011-2013.

7. “Research on the scaling-down methods of imagery based on the spatial variability theory”, Project supported by “Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China”, (Grant No. 2010CDB099), PI, 2010-2012.

8. “Research on Sub-Pixel Mapping Methods by the Spatial Structure Information”, Project supported by “the Scientific Research Staring Foundation”, (Grant No. 2011QC040), PI, 2009-2011.

9. “Research on prediction method for the 3D distribution of overground part rice nutrition based on super-resolution hyperspectral imagery”, Project supported by “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, (Grant No. 31501222), 2015-2018.

10. “Northwest non-cultivated land agriculture utilization technology and industrialization”, Project supported by “Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest”, (Grant No. 201203005), 2012-2017.

Research Interests

1. Agricultural remote sensing based on UAV imaging platform

Assembling small UAV platform with multiple spectral and thermal sensors for crop identification and crop growth monitoring. Using ENVI, ERDAS, Pix4D Mapper, eCognition, and ArcGIS for imagery processing and analysis.

2. Field high-throughput plant phenotyping and analysis based on UAV platform

Multi-feature extracting and analyzing big data from imagery and field. Using spatial modeling of ArcGIS, python for ArcGIS, and SPSS.

3. Evaluating the performance of different imaging system based on consumer grade camera

Comparing and evaluating the performance of consumer grade camera with the scientific grade imaging platform.

4. Exchanging mechanism of crop physicochemical parameter from different observation platforms (Ground, UAS, Aircraft, and Satellite)

Comparing the data with information from different observation platforms (Ground, UAV, Aircraft, and Satellite) in order to make clear the changing mechanism of crop physicochemical parameter.

Research Themes

Smart Agriculture

Agricultural Production and Provision of Ecosystem Services