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Prof. Lynn J. Frewer from Newcastle University Visits MARI and Seeks for Cooperation

Prof. Lynn J. Frewer from Newcastle University visited MARI and talked about the academic cooperation with Prof. Hang Xiong in detail. Associate Professor Baodong Xu, together with postgraduates from MARI, attended the talk.

At first, Prof. Frewer introduced her research interests on the diffusion of smart agricultural technology and the coupling of human and natural agricultural systems. She believes that agent-based modeling (ABM) is a powerful tool to study these issues. Prof. Hang Xiong is well experienced in ABM, whose summer school course provides a great platform for students to master this tool.

Prof. Hang Xiong reported his study on the impact of social networks on farmer's high-value crop planting behavior by ABM. He also reported a large-scale computer simulation model that he developed for simulating farmer's decision-making behavior when he worked in ETH Zürich. Prof. Frewer showed great interest in this research and suggested that his research strategy and model could be applied in other similar research.

The both parties had a further discussion on the ways to apply for multiple international scientific research projects and suggested preparing a proposal on the diffusion digital agriculture and environment-friendly agricultural technology among farmers and apply for international research fund. Prof. Frewer also invited postgraduates from MARI to visit, exchange or study in Newcastle University.

Written by Lidong Zhao