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Program leader/participant Project Title Funding Source Project Number Research Period
You Liangzhi Study on risk assessment and   resilient countermeasures of water resources' impact on food security in   extreme climate in China International (regional)   cooperation and exchange program 71461010701 2015-2019
You Liangzhi An Assessment of the Effects of   Biofortification on Nutritional and Health Condition of Population International (regional) cooperation   and exchange program 71561147001 2016-2020
You Liangzhi SATISFy Global Resilience Partnership   (Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, Sida) 2016-2020
You Liangzhi NASA Harvest Multidisciplinary Consortium   commissioned by NASA and led by the University of Maryland 2017-2022
Zhang Jian Key traits acquisition and modeling of high quality   and high yield population of field cash crops supported by multi-source   low-altitude remote sensing technology National Key Research and Development Program of   China 2018YFD1000901 2018-2022
Xiong Hang

71863006 2019-2022
Baodong Xu The impact of heterogeneous   surface in the retrieval of leaf area index Fundamental Research Funds for   the Central Universities 2662018QD066 2018-2021
Baodong Xu Study on the software of vegetation   parameter validation GF6 Project Y20A03-9003-17/18 2018-2019