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MARI Holds 2019 Annual Personal Summary and New Year Dumpling Celebration

On December 30, MARI held the 2019 annual personal summary and New Year dumpling celebration. The faculty and students gathered on the 7th floor of the third comprehensive building to participate in the celebration.

Some students were lack in sports in the past year, so they hoped to work out with those who enjoyed the sports. Some students enjoyed de-stressing by reading, and hoped to go to library together while sharing books. Some students hoped to learn from the "Software Master" in the future. By this great opportunity of mutual understanding, all the members of MARI can keep up with each other.

After the personal summary, the teachers and students joined in the dumpling-making enthusiastically. Everyone gathered around the table, making dumplings, guessing lantern riddles and enjoying the fun of the celebration with happy smile. Due to different regional cultures, the shapes of dumplings were also different, everyone learned from each other and each dumpling was filled with love and warmth. The hot dumplings gave out the great aroma, attached with the teachers' care and love for students, but also with the students' respect and love for teachers.

In the happy and relaxed atmosphere, some students were randomly picked to summarize and talk about their impression to the teachers. In the eyes of students, each teacher had its own unique impression. Some teachers worked hard for academic research, some teachers contributed a lot to the development of the college and some teachers take good care of everyone in life. The teachers' rigorous and diligent working attitude had been unanimously recognized by the students. The students not only hoped to become good friends with the teachers, but also hoped to enjoy a good life together while working hard with teachers to learn scientific and cultural knowledge!

"Hot dumplings, Warm MARI" was the theme of the celebration, which was aimed at connecting the warm love of the teachers and students. This celebration not only deepened the understanding between the teachers and students but also made everybody feel the warmth of MARI like a family.

Written by Lidong Zhao