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Department:IFPRI Beijing office/ Macro Agriculture Research Institute (MARI), Huazhong Agricultural University

LOCATION: Macro Agriculture Research Institute,Huazhong Agricultural University

Closing date: March 31, 2021


Job Summary:

Beijing Office of International Food Policy research Institute (IFPRI) and Macro Agriculture Research Institute (MARI) of Huazhong Agricultural University seek one qualified candidate to support strategic, policy-focused research across a range of geographic scales from sub-national through to global. Current regional foci are Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, but global perspectives on challenges and opportunities for poverty and hunger alleviation in developing countries pervade much of the work of this program. The success of the research program will depend, in part, on its ability to develop and maintain large, integrated sets of spatial and tabular data linked to a range of biophysical (e.g., hydrological, crop growth, land degradation and land use) and economic models. Thematically, data and analyses will encompass spatial dimensions of climate and climate change, soils, agricultural production systems, ecosystem services, economic activity, market access, and multiple dimensions of human well-being. The ability to bridge gaps between different scales, methods, and disciplinary perspectives is central to the work of the program. The incumbent will report to the IFPRI researcher in Washington DC, USA. This is a two-year, fixed-term, renewable appointment,English working environment. This position is based at Macro Agriculture Research Institute, Huazhong Agricultural University (Wuhan, China), but might involve travel to the countries in which IFPRI carries out its research. and have the opportunity to transfer to Washington DC, USA.


Essential Duties:

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

● Document, catalogue, and manage a very large and growing collection of national, regional and global spatial data sets.

● Write database, object-oriented, or procedural language code to perform specialized analytical functions related to biophysical and economic applications of large datasets.

● Articulate and implement the spatial (primarily raster-based) analysis tasks required to achieve GIS related technical outputs (e.g., reclassification, reprojection, multi-criteria model building, network analysis).

● Contribute to the design to share spatial data, analytical tools and analytical results through both the intranet and the internet, in collaboration with the Information Technology specialists at IFPRI and the CGIAR.

● Process basic biophysical data for given polygons (either spatial or administrative boundaries) or GPS points to be matched to households survey data.


Required Qualifications:

● Master’s degree in Engineering, Geography, Natural resource economics or related field

● Proficient in scientific programming language such as C++, Fortran, Python, or Java

● Familiarity with data management, processing, and analysis

● Significant experience using major GIS software such as ArcGIS or GRASS

● Familiarity with remote sensing applications and modelling, in particular on cropland, grassland and forestry

● Fluency in oral and written English and Chinese

● Excellent writing and analytical skills in both English and Chinese

● Ability to work independently and effectively with colleagues from diverse cultures

● Good interpersonal skills


Preferred Qualifications:

● Sound knowledge of international agricultural policy, economic development, and natural resources.

● Previous experience working on international development issues and/or extensive knowledge of relevant development issues within an academic context.


Note: Salary to be negotiated with all benefits required by labor regulations in China


To apply: Please send resume to mari@hzau.edu.cn / ifpri-beijing@cgiar.org, Please use the format as follow for the subject of your application email: Job Title-Applicant's name.


IFPRI (www.ifpri.org) is one of the international agricultural research institutes organized under the umbrella of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).  The mandate of IFPRI is to identify and analyze alternative national and international strategies and policies for meeting world food needs in ways that conserve the natural resource base, with emphasis on low income and on the poorer groups in the countries.

IFPRI offers a multicultural, collegial research environment with competitive salary and excellent benefits.  IFPRI is an international and equal opportunity organization and believes that diversity of its staff contributes to excellence. We encourage women and developing country professionals to apply.









 国际食物政策研究所 (IFPRI) 北京办事处华中农业大学宏观农业研究院诚招科研分析员(Research Analyst)1名,以支持从区域尺度到全球尺度的不同地理尺度下以政策为重点的战略性研究。当前的重点研究区域为非洲撒哈拉以南和南亚,但减轻发展中国家所面临贫困与饥饿方面的挑战和机遇的全球观贯穿了该项目研究的大部分工作。该研究的成功将部分取决于其开发和维护与一系列生物物理(例如水文,作物生长,土地退化和土地利用)和经济模型相关的大型综合空间及表格数据集的能力。数据和分析将涵盖气候和气候变化的空间维度,土壤,农业生产系统,生态系统服务,经济活动,市场准入以及人类福祉等多个维度。该工作需要的核心能力为融合不同尺度、方法和学科观点之间的差异。该职位为2年期固定时限、可续约,工作环境以英文为主,任职者向IFPRI华盛顿总部指定人直接汇报。这个职位工作地点在武汉华中农业大学,但可能到IFPRI有研究任务的全球任何国家出差,并有机会到华盛顿总部工作。







 a) 对大量且不断增加的各国家、区域和全球空间数据集进行记录、编目和管理。

 b) 编写数据库,面向对象或面向过程的程序语言代码,以实现与生物物理和经济应用相关的大型数据集的专业分析功能。

 c) 能够阐明并实现与GIS相关的技术产出(例如,重分类,重投影,多准则模型构建,网络分析)所需的空间(主要基于栅格数据)分析任务。

 d) IFPRICGIAR的信息技术专家合作,协助设计通过内部网和互联网共享空间数据、分析工具和分析结果。

 e) 处理给定多边形(空间或行政边界)或GPS点的基本生物物理数据,以使其与农户调研数据相匹配。



 a) 具有工程、地理、自然资源经济学或相关领域硕士学位

 b) 精通C++FortranPythonJava等科学编程语言

 c) 熟悉数据管理、处理和分析

 d) 能够熟练使用GIS软件(例如ArcGISGRASS

 e) 熟悉遥感应用和建模,特别是在农田、草地和林业方面

 f) 具有良好的中英文读写、听说能力(需提供英语能力证明材料)

 g) 能够独立有效地与来自不同文化背景的同事一起工作

 h) 具有较好的社交能力



 a) 深入了解国际农业政策,经济发展和自然资源;

 b) 在国际发展问题上有工作经验/或在学术背景下对相关发展问题有广泛了解者优先。










 国际食物政策研究所(IFPRI)寻求消除饥饿和贫困的可持续解决方案。IFPRI成立于1975年,旨在确 定和分析替代性的国家和国际战略和政策,以满足发展中国家的粮食需求,尤其关注低收入国家和地区以及这些国家和地区的贫困群体。IFPRI是国际农业磋商组织(CGIAR)成员。