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MARI held interdisciplinary academic salon on “social network computing and simulation model”

MARI held the third interdisciplinary academic salon from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. on May 22, 2019. Professor Jiang Wu of Wuhan University, the invited lecturer, shared his research on social network computing and simulation model. The commentators were Dr. Wei Ma of College of Humanity and Law and Dr. Bangming Xiao of College of Economics and Management. The lecture was attended by more than 30 teachers and students from College of Humanity and Law, College of Economics and Management and College of Information.

Professor Jiang Wu elaborated the construction, analysis and simulation of social network in network community, and explained the research progress of simulation in medical and other fields. He highlighted the application conditions and advantages of social network computing and simulation. He hoped that more teachers and students can participate in the research of computational social science, which is an emerging discipline. Moreover, Professor Jiang Wu appreciated the rare learning opportunity offered by "Methodology of computational social sciences" summer school, which is jointly held by MARI and Urban Systems Lab of Imperial College London.

In the commentary session, Dr. Wei Ma introduced the development and application of social network construction in humanistic research. She greatly admired the role of social network computing in social science research. Dr. Bangming Xiao further explained and extended this content by combining it with his own experience in learning simulation. This salon provided an interdisciplinary research paradigm of computational network science and gathered many teachers and students from different disciplines.

Written by Ziwei Li | Review by Hang Xiong