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2019 "HZAU Big Data Platform Construction Project" Summer Survey Summary and Certificate Award Conference Held Successfully

At the beginning of the conference, Prof. Hang Xiong made a brief summary to the summer survey in 2019. A total of 106 students participated in the survey, covering the graduate and undergraduate students from 11 colleges; the expenditure of more than 620000 yuan was mainly for the accommodation, transportation and subsidies of the investigators. The main observation points of the survey covered 54 towns and villages in 18 counties of 3 provinces, and 1080 valid questionnaires were collected, including 108 village questionnaires and 45 town questionnaires.

Next, the representatives of the research team leader, the investigators and the front-line staff gave a speech respectively. They all thought that through this survey, they have gained a lot, not only seeing the rural and farmers’ life, but also gaining new experiences. This was a new experience and a process of growing up.

As the representative of the teachers, Lecturer Jing Zhou gave a speech. First of all, he fully affirmed the results of the summer survey. At the same time, he pointed out that the leaders and teachers of the college had set a solid foundation for the survey, the design of the front-line system saved a lot of time for the investigation and provided a lot of convenience for the research, the hard work and efforts of the team were also the key to the research work. However, there were still some deficiencies in this survey, such as some research sites were concentrated in the village committee, which made the investigation not deep enough; the data provided by farmers cannot be compared with the reality. In the future research, the structure of the researchers should be adjusted, so that each group has graduate students.

Then, Prof. Zhiyong Zhen summarized the research. He pointed out that this was the first time that our university has held a special research summary meeting. First of all, on behalf of vice president Ping Qing, Prof. Zhen expressed his thanks to the teachers and students who participated in the survey for their hard work and selfless dedication. Secondly, Prof. Zhen congratulated the students on the successful completion of the survey, and gained personal growth in the survey. Finally, Prof. Zhen put forward expectations for the students, hoping that students can further summarize the experience and mode, and make a basis for future research, and improve their comprehensive ability in practice; in future study and work, carry out the spirit of investigation.

Finally, Prof. Zhiyong Zhen and Prof. Guoshun Chen presented the excellent investigators with honorary certificates and took a group photo with the participants.

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Written by Lidong Zhao