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MARI and China-Data Hold Seminar on Pork and Its Related Products Price

On December 24, 2019, the seminar on the price of pork and its related products by MARI and China-America Commodity Data Analytics, Inc. was held in A701 conference room of the third bulling. Prof. Hang Xiong, Prof. Jianping Tao, from College of Economics & Management and some postgraduates had a discussion with the Research Director Song Yuan and Analyst Anli Shu from China-Data over the cooperation on research of the livestock and poultry price.

The both sides believed that the research on livestock and poultry prices by MARI and College of Economics & Management provided theoretical basis for the data analysis and consultation of China-Data, and China-Data provided application platform, extension and realization of scientific research value for scientific research conclusion. The both sides will have substantive cooperation in data sharing, consultation and decision-making reports, which is of great significance to the construction of macro agricultural big data and postgraduate training of MARI and College of Economics & Management.

Written by Lidong Zhao